Building more accessible communities in Boston and Plano

A universally inclusive playground is one where all children can fully engage in play – socially, emotionally, and physically. Underwritten by the Liberty Mutual Foundation, Boston’s first universally accessible playground was unveiled in 2013. It was immediately embraced by the community and has become a valued resource for families and schools.

Inspired by the success of that project, we’re now helping the city of Plano, Texas, home of our newest corporate campus, create a universally accessible playground at Windhaven Meadows Park. Designed by the same group that built the award-winning Boston playground, the new Liberty Playground at Plano will be a space where children of all abilities can play and explore together.

Located at Windhaven Meadows Park, Liberty Playground at Plano, will span 20,000 square feet, including 1,800 square feet of water play.

Expanding and enhancing accessibility for all people

With programs like low-stimulation and early-open museum visits for children with special needs, mentoring for youth with disabilities, and trained capuchin monkeys to help paralyzed adults with daily tasks, our partner organizations empower people of all abilities to participate and engage more fully in their lives and communities.

Boston Children’s Museum